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Thank you for visiting The MoM Coaching blog! I’m Nay, the creator of this blog. In addition to running this blog I am a mom and wife. At different times in my life I’ve been a student, volunteer, employee, mentor, mentee, child advocate, sister, daughter, friend, etc. I even thought I was an artist and a poet at one point, but the jury is still out on those.

Don’t we all play so many roles that make up the single awesome individuals that we are? Unfortunately, we can easily get so wrapped up in fulfilling the demands of those roles that we end up feeling, well, not so awesome. We become overwhelmed and burned out which can result in stress, poor health, lack of productivity and cause our relationships to suffer.

Those are not things God intended for us. He created us for good (Ephesians 2:10). We should be blessings to the people in our lives (Romans 12:10), we should cast our anxiety on Him (1 Peter 5:7) and live with joy and hope (Romans 15:13). We should take care of our bodies (1 Corin. 6:20) and always be busy doing good (Psalms 37:3).

Do you want that for your life? I know I do! And I would like to help and support you as you do the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical work that is necessary. I’m on the same mission and I’m sure you will find something helpful here! Enjoy!



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