Moms on Missions

This Weeks Mission


  • Monday 2/13: Welcome to MoM Coaching!
  • Wednesday 2/15: Mommy Coaching
  • Friday 2/17: Devotion “Ask, Then Let God Work”- by Sharisse Scott

This week I am just settling down from being out of town due to the loss of a loved one. My great-grandmother was a sweet, genuine person, but also assertive and strong! Seeing our family come together to honor her life was inspiring. It was a reminder that each day is a gift, and that as women we play major roles in the lives of our loved ones. Hearing different stories about my great-grandmother and how she boldly loved us all reminds me of what’s important. Love.

Appropriately, next week we will start the Fruit of the Spirit study and the first fruit we will look at is Love.

So this week I encourage you to look at the relationships you are part of and be honest about the presence of love in those relationships. Is it lacking? Is it one sided? Or is it abundant and genuine? Is it easier to love certain people? What does love mean to you?

Photo credit: Viktor Hanacek


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