The Progressive Menu

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Happy Wednesday! Here’s a mommy tip about what I call progressive menu’s. If you are interested in eating better, but don’t want to just dive into it, then a progressive menu may be just what you need!

I am not a health professional. This information is meant to be informative and encouraging. Please consult with your doctor  before making any changes to your health.

Here’s how it works

  1. Pick 2-3 simple, enjoyable and healthy things you can eat for breakfast.
    • simple: you can prepare it the night before or with with a few simple steps in the morning. That way, even if you are running late or in a rush, you are less likely to skip breakfast.
    • enjoyable: pick things you will look forward to eating in the morning. This is really important if you are not a breakfast person. Think outside the box and try to treat yourself to something full of flavor, that is also filling.
    • healthy: Well that’s the whole point of this, right? Pick meals that are not loaded with sugar and won’t cause you to crash or be starving before lunch.

So my current go to breakfast meals are smoothies and overnight oats. I can prepare both at night, so in the morning breakfast is ready in literally less than two minute. I can also easily customize and switch up the flavor profile for both. I like my smoothies with 2-3 types of fruit, spinach, chia seeds and peanut butter and my overnight oats with bananas, agave nectar and blueberries, strawberries or cinnamon.

So that’s a third of your menu. Here comes the progressive part. Once you have your 2-3 go to breakfast options picked out, commit to eating one of those every morning for about 2-4 weeks (you know yourself, if 2 weeks isn’t long enough to get into a groove for you, then go for 4 weeks or longer). For the rest of the day eat the way you normally eat. even if it consist of only fast food, chips and donuts, DON’T CHANGE A THING. Just work on eating your new breakfast every day.

After a few weeks, you guessed it! Do the same for lunch. Continue eating your new breakfast options, but now work on alternating between 2-3 lunch options that are simple, enjoyable and healthy. I would even suggest one of those lunches be a plan b lunch. For instance, if you forget your lunch on the counter at home, you know that you can run into the nearest grocery store or deli and get something that is still enjoyable and healthy. Once you have lunch down, move on to dinner.

Yes, this will take a few months before you are eating better for the entire day. But slow and steady wins the race. If you take time building the habit and junk food proofing each meal time of the day, then you are more likely to stick to it. You can still indulge here and there, but if you get off track you are less likely to find yourself wondering how to get back on track. You have options that you know work for you and you can look forward to getting back on track!

So, if this seems like it would work for you, then give it a shot! Let me know what meals you come up with and how it works out. Also, feel free to share any suggestions you may have. Enjoy!

-Coach Nay



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