The Family Calendar

By: Sharisse Scott

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One day a friend and I were talking about our kids and different activities we do with them to keep them occupied during the weeks. I started telling her about our family calendar that my husband started.  It’s really simple, but very fun. We do an activity for every day of the week; some things stay the same each week and some things change. For instance, Sunday is Funday. On that day, after church we always pick something different to do for fun.  So far we’ve done bike riding, the playground, karaoke, and going to the mall (mainly for the delicious pretzels!). Pretty soon we will have the weather for swimming, Yay!

Monday night is game night where we just play games for about 2 hours after dinner.  Tuesday night is Sketch Night where we all take turns picking a different portrait from online each week to draw and color. Wednesdays are always a little different so we either just watch a short movie and talk about it afterwards, sit around and tell jokes and riddles or have a mini fashion show. We call that Wacky Wednesday. Thursday night is Family Bible Study Night where my husband and I prepare a lesson throughout the week and discuss it with each other and our children.  Friday is Sports Night where we go down to our local community center to play basketball, tennis and sometimes volleyball. Taekwondo was just added to that list and the kids really love it!

Last but not least, we call Saturday “Take Out” days. We let the kids choose a special place that they want to eat and we all go to eat, or we may order in if the weather is bad. My friend was delighted to hear about it and it really inspired her. This calendar has really brought us closer together as a family and the kids feel more included in things now. I am also inspired each day that we keep the family calendar days going; I love to see the joy in my family’s eyes. I hope that this inspires you too!



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