Praying Through Momhood

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It’s come to my attention that this is a blog for moms, and I have not written much on parenting so far. Honestly, a big part of me feels like I am the last person on earth that should write about parenting. I only have one child, who basically just became a toddler, so my experience is limited. Although I do feel like I do my best by him, I also feel like I won’t really know if I’m doing okay until he is a teenager (maybe even an adult) and starts making decisions for himself based on what living with me all his life has taught him.

On that note, I may not have all any of the answers, but I do know where to look for sound parental instructions. God. Not only is He the best parent in history, but He also created my son and loves him far more than I am even capable of loving him. His word teaches us how to raise our little ones up. Through prayer and studying His word, we can learn how to parent our unique little beings.

Maybe I was a little hard on myself. Momming has actually taught me a few things so far, and to the best of my ability I will share those things here with you. However, remember that every child is different, as well as every mama and every family. What works for my family today may not work tomorrow, and certainly may not work for the next family. The best thing we can do for our children is pray for them! If you happen to just like reading this blog, but don’t have children yet, pray for your future children, or the children in your life or family. If you are a mom/stepmom/legal guardian, ask God to show you how to parent your child. I often pray and ask for wisdom when it comes to making decisions on my son’s behalf, how to discipline him, how to teach him respect by showing him respect, how to slow down during the day and cherish my time with him. I even pray for guidance on how to pray for him.

As a mom, I know that I will always pray for my child, no matter how old he is. My hope is that as he grows and begins to understand that mommy prays for him, that he will be encouraged to pray for himself and others. I encourage you, if you do not already, pray for your children. Let them know that you pray for them, let them see you pray, ask them how you can pray for them, and definitely ask God.

Mission: You can start now, by simply thanking God for them, and asking Him to show you your child through His eyes.

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