Summertime Fun and Safety 

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By: Sharisse Scott

The summer is right around the corner and if your family is like mine, you may be planning family road trips. Family road trips can be so much fun, but as we all know they can be dangerous too, especially when you have younger children. I want to give a few tips that our family uses on making trips fun, keeping them that way and a few tips on avoiding those dangerous situations.

Keeping it Fun

  1. Allow the children to express themselves. Kids love to be included in things, so give them a chance to be involved in the trip (picking a game to play, a place to stop for food, etc.)
  2. Turn off the radio and make your own music! Take turns creating lyrics and rhythms. Record it all on your phone then play it back. Have a good laugh!
  3. Chat it up! Simply talking can be very fun at times. Talk about the place you’re going to, what you’re excited to see when you get there, etc. On the way back, discuss all the fun you had, highlights of the trip, etc.
  4. Take lots of pictures/videos. Whether you are taking pics of each other or the outside view through the car window, capture all the beautiful moments with each other. Never stop creating memories.

Keeping it safe

  1. Pay Attention to EVERYTHING. Our kids love to secretly unbuckle their seat belts to pick up a toy or piece of food they dropped. Constantly look back at them to make sure they are still buckled at all times. Also, always make sure child safety locks are activated on all the car doors.
  2. Hold hands, arms, and elbows if necessary! We all know kids have the scary habit of wandering off on their own at times.  Be sure to stay connected at all times in any way. If you have a stroller, use that as your connection source for your older kids to hold on to while walking, especially in busy, crowded areas. (amusement parks, zoos, etc.)
  3. Be mindful of your surroundings. You never know who is watching you and your children. Be extra careful at hotels and be sure that your child knows to never open the hotel room door.
  4. Don’t be too trusting of “friendly people”. Family photos with your phone or camera on trips are so much better when the whole family is in it of course, but be careful with strangers offering to take pictures for you if they happen to see you trying to do it yourself. You never know what they’re intentions are. So always be cautious.

Well, I really hope these tips help you and your family have a fun and safe trip for everyone!

-Sharisse Scott!

About the Author

Sharisse Scott is a devoted wife and mother who loves her husband and three beautiful children very much. The only person she loves more is God. She has a strong desire to fulfill His purpose for her life to the best of her ability each day. Sharisse says, “I am honored to have the opportunity to be a part of this awesome ministry of empowering, uplifting and encouraging women. It is so vital today in our society as wives and mothers, and as Sisters in Christ.” Her hope is to be a blessing to others with her writing. 
Be encouraged!



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