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Frugal Friday: Eating Well Can Be Affordable

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If you are interested in moving away from processed food to more whole foods, it may appear to you that eating healthier is more expensive. This doesn’t have to be be the case. Here are a few quick tips to keep the grocery bill under control while nurturing your body.

  • Don’t buy all your food at one place, shop around for weekly sales. You can visit your local grocery stores online and see what deals they have right from home.
  • Make things from scratch. A bag of potatoes can turn into french fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, etc. It is cheaper to make those things yourself than to buy them all prepackaged.
  • Plan simple meals ahead of time. Your family is probably amazing, but they don’t need fancy meals all the time. Take some time to plan simple healthy meals. This will also help cut back on buying things like (insert junk food of choice here).

As moms we have been given the privilege to raise up little ones who know how to care for their own bodies. Eating well can be affordable. With a little planning and effort you can set the example of caring for the body you’ve been blessed with by nurturing it with nutritious food.

Feel free to share any tips you have for healthy eating within budget.

-Coach Nay


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