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Work Those Skills Wednesday-Saying “No” More

Photo Credit: Pixabay.con
Saying no seems like it would be contradictory to improving communication. But often times we throw out our yeses and agree to things without fully thinking about what is being asked of us. This leads to either not fully committing or reluctantly following through. If we practice saying no more often, then we can reserve our yeses for the important things. This will allow our interactions to be genuine because we are being intentional about our responses. 

Saying no doesn’t have to be rude either. You can say:

  • No, thank you
  • I’d love to, but I can’t at this time
  • Thank you for thinking of me, but I have to pass
  • Unfortunately, I cannot commit to that at this time

Don’t be afraid to pass on events, opportunities, or things. People will respect you for knowing your limits and setting boundaries. 



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