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By: Sharisse Scott 
“Mommy, mommy, mommy” is sometimes like a never-ending song.  
It’s a favorite for our kids to sing all day long.  
Some days it’s like music to our ears because we love the sounds of their little voices, 
 but then there are the days that we can’t hear them over all those big noises. 
How can such little people make so much noise and such big messes? 
And speaking of that, I’ve already gone through 3 dresses! 
Wardrobe changes are a part of your routine now, especially with a newborn.  
There is not one thing in my closet that hasn’t been worn!  
Changing diapers, making bottles, nursing, and wiping noses and hands 
 are only a few things that we moms must do daily, On-Demand. 
A mommy’s job is never done, but of course you already know this.  
There’s laundry, dishes, cooking and cleaning…what else did I miss?  
Oh yeah! Let’s not forget the doctor’s appointments that I can NEVER remember.  
Thank God for a rescheduling system! 
…Um, I think the next visit is in September?  
There are moms who work outside the home  
and others who work inside of it, 
 either way you are a hard-working mom and you are not alone! 
MommyLife is awesome, so please don’t think these are complaints,  
I love every bit of this life and my children who make it possible; they are like little saints… 
when they’re sleeping!