March 10. 2017

Loving Through The Eyes Of God

By: Sharisse Scott


Ever dealt with sibling rivalry? I believe we all do at some point in life, whether in childhood or adulthood. Unfortunately, this common aspect leads to jealousy, envy and sometimes, even hatred. We always believe that our sibling is better at something than we are or that they can do more than we can do, when in reality, we are all the same in Christ’s eyes.

Christ sees us all as His own image and He doesn’t show favoritism or resentment toward us, ever. This is something we may struggle with sometimes as siblings and also as parents.

In The book of Genesis (Chapters 24-28) the lives of a family led by a man named Isaac are explored. Rebekah, Isaac’s wife gave him twin sons, Jacob and Esau. Rebekah favored Jacob and Isaac favored Esau. Isaac thought very highly of Esau and intended to bless him greatly but Rebekah helped Jacob steal Esau’s blessing from Isaac. This led to Jacob fleeing for safety from his brother Esau, but the day soon came for them to reunite. Jacob was terrified at what his brother might do to him, based on their past altercations. He had gifts prepared and waiting for Esau, to persuade him from doing him or his family any harm.

Despite all the past hurts from Jacob, Esau was delighted to see his twin brother again! (Gen.33:4). All was forgotten, and at that moment Esau looked at his brother in the same way that Jesus sees us, in his own image. It wasn’t the gifts that persuaded him to forgive Jacob, he already had the forgiveness and love in his heart to give as a gift to Jacob when they met.

It’s so important to remember the heart of Jesus and the way that He sees us. Although we fail Him daily, He is still always there ready to meet us with a heart full of love and forgiveness. That is the same love and forgiveness we should extend to our brothers, sisters, children, etc. It may not be easy, but it is possible with God.

Committing it to Prayer 
Lord thank you for always meeting us with your love and forgiveness. Please teach me how to walk in Your image and likeness so that I can be a blessing to my brothers and sisters in Christ as well as my natural family. In Jesus’ Name Amen.

Scripture Highlight 
“When the messengers returned to Jacob, they said, “We went to your brother Esau, and now he is coming to meet you, and four hundred men are with him” Genesis 32:6-NIV

Sowing Seeds 
Can you remember the last time that you showed love/forgiveness to your brother or sister? If you can’t, pray and ask for forgiveness then make an effort to show it today.

About the Author 

Sharisse Scott is a devoted wife and mother who loves her husband and three beautiful children very much. The only person she loves more is God. She has a strong desire to fulfill His purpose for her life to the best of her ability each day. Sharisse says, “I am honored to have the opportunity to be a part of this awesome ministry of empowering, uplifting and encouraging women. It is so vital today in our society as wives and mothers, and as Sisters in Christ.” Her hope is to be a blessing to others with her writing.
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