Welcome to MoM Coaching!

We have some really great studies ahead. We will dive into scripture on a number of topics, learn how to apply scripture to our lives and see God work in our lives in the process!

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How to start a study:

  1. Get your bible (bible app works too), notebook, and a pen
  2. Pray and ask God to minister to you through this study
  3. Click on the Study tab and choose a study to dive into

Take your time on these studies. I have scripture listed throughout for references, and I will try to always add more for additional reading. But the word of God is full of truth so do not limit yourself to only the scriptures I have posted here. If the study leads you to a verse and you feel led to read the whole chapter, take a break and do so! That is how your knowledge and understanding of the bible will grow.

Happy studies! Enjoy